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25 години!
Над 100.000 артикула!
1.000м² магазин в гр. Кронберг
Доставка до: BG

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Chris King Магазин за маркови стоки

За марката Chris King

Chris King

Chris King founder of the King Cycle Group won his experience in fine mechanics as he acted in the high-precision and highly sophisticated world of medicine device manufacturing. Already in 1976 he designed the original Chris King pulse logic.

Talk to a biker about the brand Chris King and his eyes start to glow. No other company in the industry produces better quality. But beyond that it's the thought of nature, that won't let go of the team at Chris King. With every step they take they wonder: "How do we avoid waste?" and "How can you make something useful out of scrap?" In one of the most modern production facilities in the world arises most modern high-tech and at the same time maximum environmental protection. From natural lighting to reuse of the excipients - everything is in the sign of nature.

  • Energy savings: The daylight is utilized to avoid the use of electric light.
  • Eco-friendly materials: All materials are chosen for minimal environmental impact. Wherever possible environmentally friendly basic materials are used. Packaging materials, kitchen utensils, paper products, etc. are checked for their environmental impact.
  • Recycling: Of course every possible reusable products at Chris King are utilized - from the non-biodegradable packaging to the lubricant.
  • Eco-friendly production: In the manufacture of the products Chris King makes no compromises. All lubricants are reused. No water is wasted - and the amount of water that is used will be fully recycled. No waste is generated during anodization. All materials used to manufacture will be recycled.
Permanentely Chris King tries to develop the production processes , always with respect for what the nature has given us.

Магазин за Chris King-маркови стоки

В нашия магазин за маркови стоки като Chris King ще намерите около 78 различни продукти на ненадминати ниски цени с предлагана доставка до страни от целия свят:
  • Венец-Касети за МТБ
  • Главина - предна, за дискова спирачка
  • Главина - предна, за шосейни
  • Главина – задна за дискова спирачка
  • Главини - задни за шосейни
  • Главини – Резервни части
  • Заключващ пръстен за венец касета
  • Инструменти (ръчни-/ специални инструменти)
  • Лапи - резервни части и аксесоари
  • Поддръжка (артикули за поддръжка)
  • Средни движения
  • Средни движения – резервни части и принадлежности
  • Чашки – външни (Ahead (EC)
  • Чашки – резевни части
  • Чашки (полу-интегрирани)
  • Чашки с нестандартни размери (на резба, малки и др.)
  • Чашки смесени варианти (горе полу-интегрирани, долу – външни )
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