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25 години!
Над 100.000 артикула!
1.000м² магазин в гр. Кронберг
Доставка до: BG

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Kind Shock Магазин за маркови стоки

За марката Kind Shock

Kind Shock

KindShock strives to achieve the highest possible level of technology and art in the manufacture of bicycle products. It tries to bring continuing innovation in the bicycle industry.
From the design concept to the delivery of the finished product KS represents a hallmark. Kindshock has committed itself to the fact that their products comply with the quality control and testing standards with a high level of quality.

KS also tries to configure the manufacture of all products as eco-friendly as possible. From developing products with minimal consumption of raw materials, over the rationalization of production processes - in order to reduce power consumption to reducing scrap and waste KS takes ecological responsibility.

Магазин за Kind Shock-маркови стоки

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