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Rock Shox Магазин на марката

За марката Rock Shox


RockShox invents suspension forks, cushions and accessories. Cross, Trail, Cross Country, Freeride and Downhill – these are the special subjects of this brand. As a member of the SRAM-Family Rockshox stands for highest quality and it always ensures reliable products with the latest technologies.

There ist also an additional advantage by working with sport import: The dense master dealer network facilitates tuning and set up as well as routine maintenance. – directly and quickly, even on events and races. From that benefit not only various of mountainbike athlets and teams but also those who do not want to reinvent the wheel each time!

За магазина на марката Rock Shox

В магазина на маркатаRock Shox на HIBIKE ще намерите общо 378 различни продукта на ненадминати цени с доставка до цял свят: Амортисьори, пневматични амортисьори, Резервни части за амортисьорни вилки, Амортисьорни вилки 29 цола, Резервни части за амортисьори и аксесоари, Амортисьорни вилки 27,5 цола /650 В и още повече.
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