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25 години!
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1.000м² магазин в гр. Кронберг
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Pedro's Магазин за маркови стоки

За марката Pedro's

We all know that. Only 5 minutes until the meeting point at the crossroads but before that you must go in the garage. Quickly adjusting the tire pressure. Bottles in the bottle cages, providing the bike computer to zero and let's go.
But in the garage you discover: Your bike has become very dirty after the last ride. The chain has a red complexion from the last drench, the color of your bike is completely brown and the mud from the wood hutch in the pedals has converted to cement.
Well... the last tour was pretty hard, you barely made it under the shower...and the afternoon on the couch was neccessary for regeneration...furthermore your scavenger was empty...and...yes monday was a really hard working day for you.
Today's tour is guaranteed going to stay in your mind because it won't be fun. The chain is going to chatter as if it is a hundred years old, the hook-up is going to attend its job after a random principle and the first big roots are going to catapult you out of your klick pedals.

Dear bike friend: There are many excuses for neglected bike care. But the only acceptable excuse is that you don't have the right equipment for the care and maintenance in your home workshop.
For clear bike pleasure we approve you the products of Pedro´s with which the care and maintenance becomes fun.
Always remember: the ross comes first then comes the rider. So you can still pedal powerfully tomorrow.

Магазин за Pedro's-маркови стоки

В нашия магазин за маркови стоки като Pedro's ще намерите около 3 различни продукти на ненадминати ниски цени с предлагана доставка до страни от целия свят:
  • Инструменти (ръчни-/ специални инструменти)
  • Монтажни щендери и стойки – резервни части и принадлежности
  • Поддръжка (артикули за поддръжка)
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