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Castelli Магазин за маркови стоки

За марката Castelli


The roots of the company Castelli go back to the heart of Milan in 1876 to a tailor named “Vittore Gianni”. Through the years Vittore Gianni dressed the team of AC Mailand and the milan ballett. From 1910 the first products for cyclists joined which are even worn by the five-time world champion Alfredo Binda.

In 1948 Maurizio Castelli was born and he grew up in permanently contact with the world of bike sports. He followed the competitions of legend Fausto Coppi, who is a close friend of his father. At that time his father already is the owner of Vittore Gianni's company. Coppi wears the clothing of Vittore Gianni for example the first body out of silk for time trials. Remember the picture where Coppi and Bartali hand each other the drinking bottle while driving up the Col d'Izoard? Both wore Castelli clothing!

After a short but promising career in bike sports Maurizio founded his own brand in 1974 which was the beginning of a long series of innovations. For example the first Lycra shorts which is used in competitions but is also sold. Furthermore the initial application of wind and water protective materials and the lightest aerodynamic clothing ever existed and ever being produced.

Магазин за Castelli-маркови стоки

В нашия магазин за маркови стоки като Castelli ще намерите около 154 различни продукти на ненадминати ниски цени с предлагана доставка до страни от целия свят:
  • Бейзболна шапка / Ретро-шапки
  • Блузи с къс ръкав
  • Бутилки/Бидони
  • Гамаши
  • Джърси/ Панталони комбинирани
  • Жилетки
  • Крачоли/ Термокрачоли
  • Лента за чело
  • Наколенки/ Термонаколенки
  • Панталони – дълги
  • Панталони – къси
  • Панталони /Велопанталони ¾
  • Панталони/ Велопанталони – къси
  • Поддръжка (артикули за поддръжка)
  • Потници
  • Ръкави /Ръкавели
  • Ръкавици без пръсти
  • Ръкавици с дълги пръсти
  • Спортни потници
  • Тениски
  • Трико/ Велотрико с дълъг ръкав
  • Трико/ Велотрико с къс ръкав
  • Чорапи
  • Якета
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