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Tubolito Магазин за маркови стоки

Магазин за Tubolito-маркови стоки

В нашия магазин за маркови стоки като Tubolito ще намерите около 9 различни продукти на ненадминати ниски цени с предлагана доставка до страни от целия свят:
  • Гуми, вътрешни за МТБ
  • Гуми, вътрешни за шосейни велосипеди
  • Инструменти (ръчни-/ специални инструменти)

За марката Tubolito

True MTB racers have an eye for every gram, so they also try to save weight with their tubes. If at the same time you may ride with the lowest possible pressure and you don't have to worry about puncture resistance, you have a new product that fascinates and inspires the market. This is the story of Tubolito Light Weight Tubes.

Thermoplastic is the material of choice in the case of Tubolito bicycle tubes. Light in weight - a stunning 65% less weight is possible compared to standard tubes - and they are much more robust. The puncture protection is twice as high as for standard bicycle tubes. And all this at such a low weight.... That sounds like a true miracle. We have tested them and are just as enthusiastic about them as you will be. You find them here in the HIBIKE Shop since September 2017. Available in 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch.

We are Tubolito dealer
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