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Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA Каска, размер модел 2019

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Н-р на продукта от производителя.
размер M (54-58cm) ultra синьо 63,99€ 96441148
размер L (57-62cm) ultra синьо 89,95€ 96441149
размер M (54-58cm) velvet черно 78,90€ 96441144
размер L (57-62cm) velvet черно 78,90€ 96441145
размер M (54-58cm) shiny черно 78,90€ 96441146
размер L (57-62cm) shiny черно 78,90€ 96441147
размер M (54-58cm) перлено бяло 78,90€ 96441150
размер L (57-62cm) перлено бяло 78,90€ 96441151
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Multi-use helmet with winter kit

This helmet spares neither frost nor snow with its winter kit.

A helmet for every season

The Scraper 3.0 ERA is the perfect helmet for year-round athletes and cyclists.

For the cold season, this cool helmet with the winter kit is the perfect companion on cold days. Its unique double shell concept looks modern and cool and provides the necessary protection in sports and in the city.


  • In-Mold / ABS: Combination of robust ABS hard shell and in-mold connection
  • High visibility through high-intensity reflectors
  • Ponytail Compatibility: Helmet well suited for braid wearers
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology: Sophisticated ventilation system for optimal head climate
  • For this type of helmet good ventilation through 4 air inlets and 4 air outlets
  • Size adjustment via a half ring made of particularly hard-wearing and easily deformable plastic for optimum stability and form-fitting
  • Zoom Ace Urban: Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjustment wheel for individual seating
  • Including WinterKit

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

In-Mold helmets are well-ventilated helmets whose outer shell is permanently connected to the foamed EPS. They are characterized by light weight and a slim design.

ABS hard shell
ABUS helmets made of ABS hard shell are characterized by their robustness. The impact-resistant outer shell forgives minor impacts, such as when the helmet accidentally falls off the table or out of the closet.

Forced Air Cooling
When it comes to ventilation, you can not compromise. The innovative Forced Air Cooling Technology draws in the incoming air, channels it around the head and ensures a perfect climate. Because only when ventilation openings are effectively connected with each other, cyclists achieve the best temperature control of the head and thus a high level of ride comfort.

Ponytail compatibility
The new adjustment system ZOOM Ace offers the wearer of long hair a comfortable advantage: The recess, which is specially designed in the adjustment system, offers enough space for the long hair or the braid. Annoying pressure and possible headaches are spared. In addition, the ZOOM Ace can be adjusted by height adjustment to any condition of the wearer.

For extra road safety ABUS helmets offer reflectors and LED taillights. The high-mounted LED tail light provides better visibility. It can not be covered by scarves, high collars or backpacks. High-efficiency reflectors in sophisticated positions increase visibility in difficult weather conditions and lighting conditions.


  • 1 x Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA bike helmet (see item description for details)
  • including winter kit
Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA Каска, размер M (54-58cm) ultra синьо модел 2019
Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA Каска, размер M (54-58cm) velvet черно модел 2019
Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA Каска, размер M (54-58cm) shiny черно модел 2019
Abus Scraper 3.0 ERA Каска, размер M (54-58cm) перлено бяло модел 2019

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