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Giro Manta Lace МТБ Обувки, Дамски размер shadow

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Обувки, размер 36.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715935
Обувки, размер 37.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715936
Обувки, размер 38.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715937
Обувки, размер 39.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715938
Обувки, размер 40.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715939
Обувки, размер 41.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715940
Обувки, размер 42.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715941
Обувки, размер 43.0 синьо iris/dark shadow 110,90€ 81715942
Обувки, размер 36.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715943
Обувки, размер 37.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715944
Обувки, размер 38.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715945
Обувки, размер 39.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715946
Обувки, размер 40.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715947
Обувки, размер 41.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715948
Обувки, размер 42.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715949
Обувки, размер 43.0 dark shadow 100,90€ 81715950
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The Giro Manta Lace MTB shoes for women

The Manta ™ Lace combines the usual comfort Giros Empire ™ shoes with the longevity of their acclaimed Privateer mountain bike shoes. The laced upper is functional, intuitive and reliable because these shoes are built to withstand the harsh conditions and daily use on the trails without hesitation. The microfiber upper is extremely customizable and feels good. The co-molded outsole allows the nylon sole to merge permanently with the coarse rubber profile, which gives you a lot of power on the pedals with secure grip on the trails. So you get everything you need for off-road adventures without breaking anything or getting in the way of your fun!


  • High quality, breathable microfiber
  • Laced
  • Rockprint toe and heel area for abrasion resistance and durability
  • Reinforced rubber toe cap
  • Tubular laces are durable and keep a knot
  • Preformed nylon and rubber outsole with high traction
  • Midfoot wear protection
  • Molded EVA footbed with medium arch support
  • Weight: 355g (per shoe size 42)

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Giro Manta Lace MTB shoes women (see item description for details)
Giro Manta Lace МТБ Обувки, Дамски размер 36.0 синьо iris/dark shadow
Giro Manta Lace МТБ Обувки, Дамски размер 36.0 dark shadow
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