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Hamax Siesta Детско столче за велосипед със заключващ се монтажен механизъм, модел 2019

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Excellent suspension to protect the spine of the child

The free-suspended Hamax mounting bracket ensures excellent suspension of the bicycle seat and protects the backbone of the child. With the sleep function of the Siesta bicycle seat, the seat can be folded back by a maximum of 20 ° so that the child receives a comfortable resting / sleeping position. If you also use the hamax neck pad, the child's head is held securely. The additional chest buckle makes it possible to fix the child with one hand and to hold the bicycle with the other hand. The chest buckle is not disturbed by the hard hat when you put the child in the bicycle seat or lift it out.


  • Adjustable sitting position (20 °)
  • Ergonomic design with extra space for the helmet
  • 3-point safety belt with additional chest buckle to secure the child safely and practically in the seat
  • Seatbelt and footrests adjustable
  • Mounting on bicycles with and without luggage rack possible
  • Safe and easy to assemble
  • Lockable mounting bracket
  • For children over 9 months and weighing up to 22 kg

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Seatbelt and footrests adjustable
All Hamax child seats for bicycles are designed to "grow" with the child. An adjustable seat belt and adjustable footrests are included. The bicycle child seat can be easily attached to the bike and dismantled. An additional bracket allows you to easily move the child seat from one bike to another. Hamax recommends that the child should always wear a helmet when using a child bike seat.


  • 1 x Hamax Siesta child seat with lockable mounting bracket (see item description for details)
Hamax Siesta Детско столче за велосипед със заключващ се монтажен механизъм, сив/orange модел 2019
Hamax Siesta Детско столче за велосипед със заключващ се монтажен механизъм, сив/черно модел 2019
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