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Troy Lee Designs SE 4 Mips Polyacrylite Мотокрос шлем, размер beta бяла/gray модел 2020

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Troy размер LG (L) бяла/gray 204,00€ 93080988
Troy размер XL бяла/gray 204,00€ 93080989
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The premium motocross helmet

TLD's Premium Motocross Helmet "SE4" features a 13% thick EPS (expanded polystyrene) layer and the MIPS® system that optimally distributes and absorbs rotational forces in a crash / impact, providing the ultimate protection for the head becomes.

Scope of delivery: SE4 helmet. 1x SE4 helmet shield that complements the helmet's graphics. SE4 helmet bag with drawstring. Manual.

The MIPS® system reduces rotational forces in a fall that affects the brain. 13% more EPS in frontal forehead than closest competitors. 8% more EPS in the upper and posterior parietal area than the closest competitors. Plastic visor screws and brass inserts for easy breakaway in a crash. EPS extends to the lower back of the head for extended protection. Anatomically 3D-shaped, close-fitting cheek pads with emergency release system. Double D-ring closure made of stainless steel.


  • Technologically mature composite shell construction
  • 3 separate EPS layers that have a specific density for different impact velocities
  • Expanded polypropylene (EPP) chin guard padding for multiple impact performance
  • TLD comfort headrests
  • Removable, washable "snap-in" comfort lining made of moisture-wicking CoolMax ™ and Dri-Lex ™ materials
  • Highly permeable intake system with 16 inlet openings and 6 large, rear discharge openings
  • Massive airflow ducts use vacuum to draw warm air from the driver's head, providing tremendous cooling - a significant advantage in warm driving conditions
  • 3 shell sizes to better match the different head sizes and age groups of the riders, improving overall safety
  • Large surface on top, ideal for various GoPro mounting positions


  • 1x Troy Lee Designs SE 4 Mips Polyacrylite MX-Helmet beta Mod. 2020 (see item description for details)
Troy Lee Designs SE 4 Mips Polyacrylite Мотокрос шлем, размер LG (L) beta бяла/gray модел 2020
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