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Handlebars for road bikes

A fitting road bike handlebar will significantly determine your wellbeing and thus your performance on the road bike. It is not just about the fitting width of the handlebar, but the entire design contributes to the ergonomics. The width indication refers to the distance between the handlebars' end caps measured centrically. Few manufacturers, such as Deda or Syntace measure the distance of the end caps outside-outside. Further important factors are the drop and the reach. The drop describes the vertical distance between the top handlebar and the handlebar's end caps, again measured centrically. The reach indicates the horizontal distance between the top handlebar and the forward curve of the handlebar. Riser bars are especially easy to grasp since riser bars adapt to the natural posture of the hand. You can choose between a light and vibration dampening carbon handlebar and a robust aluminium handlebar for road bikes. Two different handlebar clamp brackets, 26.0 mm (at classical steel bikes and older road bikes) and the omnipresent 31.8 mm handlebars are available. By the way, women normally choose road bike handlebars with a width of 380 mm or 400 mm. Therefore, women should at least let their shoulder width be measured when buying a bike and insist on receiving the correct handlebar width. You'll find a large selection of handlebars for road bikes at favourable top prices, whether for the professionals or hobby road bikers.
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